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Lineage 2 Revolution Hack - Diamonds, Adena and Topaz Cheats

About Lineage 2 Revolution Game

Lineage2 Revolution game appears to be just about the most highly anticipated mobile MMORPGs this season. This particular game can be obtained for Ios-Based or android smartphone devices. Since the start of the release, this particular game is apparently in the position to steal the interest of gamers around the planet. This's confirmed by the 4 servers provided are Aden, Giran, Dion, along with Gludio are just about complete. This surely should be also known by the gamers who have to be diligent whenever the server capacity is usually full. Sleek contacts will definitely too, influence the achievements of gamers that wish to enjoy the game is completely offered online. so make certain in case you wish to appreciate the comfort as well as achievement for playing MMORPG game, you need to apply 4G networking or maybe play through the use of WiFi hotspot link which has sufficient velocity.

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This particular game is created by NCSoft, Netmarble Neo and Snail, that is made using Unreal Engine four to create as gorgeous as Pc model. This obviously also impacts the requirements of specifications of Smartphone or maybe tablets used to enjoy the game. To be ready to appreciate the game perfectly, you a minimum of make a gadget with specifications of quad core processor 1.9 GHz as well as three GB of RAM.

The presence of Lineage two Revolution is an immediate sequel to Lineage II that has been contained in 2003 and also takes holding a background story taken hundred years after the story in Lineage II. Through these mobile activities, gamers are able to discover what could be anticipated out of a Lineage like an assortment of quests, joining a guild, collecting gear, strengthening existing ones, creating things, and readily available many character classes to select from. This particular game is provided in impressive 3d visuals as well as detail that is great ranging from characters on the neighboring environment.

Important Features of Lineage two Revolution

Real-Time Massive Battles

Battle other players in thrilling real time, open field PvP fights or maybe wage war on an epic scale through naturally competitive 50-vs-50 Fortress Siege matches.

Amazing Visuals

This particular game is driven by the Unreal Engine four so Lineage two: Revolution pushes the boundaries of what's graphically doable. Witness is never-before-seen pictures on the mobile device of yours.

Seamless Open-World

Explore a great, astounding, and luxurious open-world that enables thousands of players to explore, learn, and conquer together.

Clans & Guilds

Team up with buddies as well as guild mates, or maybe party up with a huge number of other players all over the world to remove epic bosses, indulge in mass scale PvP battle, and also uncover loot in epic raid dungeons.

Controls of the game are extremely easy and a brand new gamer will additionally have the ability to play the game quickly. With cases if you don't have time that is enough to enjoy the game, you are able to choose the auto quest element. With this particular performance, the gaming character of yours is going to move by itself to the subsequent quest and continue until you switch from the feature. Nevertheless, you are going to have to tap the screen everytime a dialogue arises so that the character of yours continues through the quests for you.


You will find six distinct weapons types offered in the game - Shield and Sword, Dagger, Bow, Spear, Dual Swords, and Staff. You are able to provide the aforesaid weapons; but, class abilities may just be cast whether a tool matches with the category. For example, Mystics is able to use Warriors and bows can use Staff. In case you equip weapons from various other classes, your basic strike in addition to hit range will change. Therefore, the destruction caused is going to be significantly low.

Under the key categories of different weapons types, you can find several sub-categories. Several of them are described below:


Samurai Long Sword

Blade of Revolution

Characteristics Sword


Dynasty Shield

Revolution Shield

Characteristics Shield


Excellent Axe




You are going to have permission to access innumerable kinds of armors in the game. Overall, you will find 9 gear openings for armor as well as these openings are helmet, necklace, chest piece, boots, hands, 2 rings as well as 2 earrings. You are able to equip some piece of armor in the game; however, in case you equip an armor which doesn't match the class of yours next there is going to be a reduction of twenty five % of statistics a piece.


Given below are a few items you are able to access in the game:

Soul Crystals: These're gemstones which improve equipments in the game. At this time there are 9 types of Soul Crystals available; however, some Crystals are only able to go with a slice of gear. You are able to upgrade Soul Crystals by investing Other Soul Crystals and adena. Adena is usually created with Lineage two Revolution hack or perhaps collected in the game.

HP Potion: It's a red colored potion, that is a consumable merchandise in the game. You are able to purchase HP Potion from the game retailer by investing Red Diamonds or Adena.

Feather of Peace: It's a consumable merchandise, which may be used up to 3 times in one day. This particular product is able to safeguard the gaming character of yours from getting killed by enemies. The low grade Feather of Peace presents one minute of safety and top grade offers 3 minutes of protection on the user.


Adena may be the main in game currency, that can be used for upgrading a few things as well as equipments in the game. You are able to get Adena by finishing daily quests, accomplishments, and also sub quests or just generating it with Lineage two Revolution Hack. If you login to the game every day, you get Adena as reward. By hunting monsters and promoting additional equipments, you are able to earn Adena. You are going to be ready to go into the Adena dungeon after finishing Episode 4-7 on the key quest. You can go into the Adena dungeon when daily for acquiring Adena.

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